Third World Craft Nepal was established in 1999 by a fair trade veteran, Narendra Shahi, with two decades of experience in handicraft production, training, marketing and of the fair trade movement. Third World Craft Nepal strives to promote and market Nepalese handicraft and agricultural products to Europe, USA and the Asia Pacific region, helping grass-roots artisans overcome their difficulties in accessing the global market. It does this by providing product development assistance to artisan groups, assists with marketing and logistics and provides financial assistance. 

Based in Kathmandu, it works throughout the country, and has network of over 50 producers groups and skilled artisans representing about 200 producers who create a wide range of handicrafts using their incredible skills e.g. musical instruments, silver jewellery, Nepalese handmade paper goods, wood carving, beadwork.

Third World Craft Nepal cares for their trading partners and their artisans by observing the Fair Trade principles of paying a fair wage, paying producers promptly, using transparent business practises by allowing customers to access producers' information and by employing environmentally friendly practises.

 Image & Text courtesy of Third World Craft Nepal