Salay Handmade Products Industries, Incorporated (Salayhandmade) is a producer and exporter of quality handmade paper co-founded by Dr. Reynaldo G. Rafisura and his wife Loreta C. Rafisura and is located in the quaint coastal town of Salay in the Phillipines.

The business ventured into small export activities in 1990, and since then has been anchored in fair trade principles as spelled out by the World Fair Trade Organization (then known as International Federation of Alternative Trade), which Salayhandmade joined in 2003.

Today Salayhandmade is contributing significantly to the development of Salay and the Philippines, and has become a source of inspiration to other entrepreneurs.

Through the art of handmade papermaking, pressed-flower designing, and its related activities, Salayhandmade continue to support local communities.

Salayhandmade also provides support to its social arm, the SHAPII Foundation, whose main activity is providing scholarships to bright children from economically challenged families of the community.