Has to be seen to be believed.  A beautiful piece of folk art at its finest and functional too!
106" x 106" (269 x 269 cm)
This glorious hand embroidered quilt can also be used as a tapestry.
Each quilt is exquisitely hand embroidered and therefore is a unique work of art.

Cotton Backing

Embroidered "Huipile" Quilt - Centre Panel

  • About your quilt

    About the Quilt and the Artisans who make it
    This beautiful "huipile" quilt was handmade by Maya craftswomen in Guatemala.  Based in a small community located in the municipality of Chichicastenango 17 families work to produce patchwork quilts and other crafts. Women here learn to weave from a very young age and begin making their own clothes. They hand-weave using a waist loom: a weaving device that is belted to their waists.

    Most striking of Mayan women's colourful clothing are the "huipiles" - which are the traditional hand-woven and embroidered blouses that Mayan women originally began wearing around the time of the Spanish conquest. The colours, styles and embroidery in their clothing vary from region to region within Guatemala and the secrets of this beautiful craft have been passed down within each family for generations. 

    The patches in the quilt come from the hand-woven fabric the women have used to make their skirts and their "huipiles". Drawing inspiration from their blouses ("huipiles") where symbols which represent their world e.g. corn, birds and flowers the women incorporate these designs into the beautiful vibrant quilts. The umberella group Aj Quen supports this and other artisan groups in the region.

    You can read more about Aj Quen here