Craftbeauty based in Hanoi in Vietnam is a Fair Trade Federation member. It promotes and sells Vietnamese handicraft products that are made under fair trade conditions. It aims to increase the standard of living of local artisans and their families by providing secure and decent employment opportunities. 

  • Craftbeauty provide support and training to people with disability affording them opportunities to earn a decent living and have a positive place within society.

  • Unemployed people, many of whom are women, with no tailoring skills when they first come to work with Craftbeauty, are trained to be skillful tailors.

  • As per Fair Trade criteria - Craftbeauty pay their staff above the national minimum and average wage. Payment is based on each artisan's ability and responsibility.

  • There is a programme in place that supports and trains people with disability to make the craft, workers are selected from a vocational training center, given jobs and accommodation found for them.

  • The artisans are trained in product quality and fair trade principles. They are also encouraged to contribute to the design of new products. 

  • There are opportunities for advancement within Craftbeauty. Any artisan who works well has a chance to be appointed to the master of the group and trained to develop designs.

  • Craftbeauty provide a clean, healthy and safe working environment for their staff.

  • Weekly meetings are held where each artisans can share their ideas as well as suggestions on working conditions, development and pay.

  • No child labor is utilised and no artisans under 18 years old are employed. 

    Text and image courtesy of Craftbeauty