CORR-The Jute Works is an organization of women handicraft producers established in 1973 to rehabilitate the war-widowed and war-affected poor rural women of Bangladesh. The aim was to provide these women with work at home.


CORR provides a means of income generation for these women through producing handicraft items made out of a locally available raw materials such as jute and other grasses, leaf, cane, bamboo, clay. In the last 29 years CORR-The Jute Works has helped to improve the socio-economic condition of poverty-stricken rural destitute women. Now the organization has 17 production areas in the country, all producing a diversified range of handmade jute, grass, leaf and terra-cotta products.

CORR's Main Aims

  • To help the disadvantaged and neglected people of the society, especially women, in Bangladesh to achieve a better standard of living

  • To promote and assist in the formation of handicraft producers as economically viable groups

  • To organize rural destitute women and provide them with handicraft production skills as a supplementary source of income for their socio-economic development

  • To promote thrift, self-help and democratic practices among the handicraft producer groups in the management of their affairs and to make them self-reliant by group action

  • To provide facilities for training to the artisans and employees of the Trust by coordinating with other agencies both at home and abroad in the interest of Trust and its beneficiaries

  • To organize and participate in national and international fairs, workshops and seminars on handicrafts

  • To initiate welfare activities for poor people, such as housing, educational, recreational and health care facilities for better living conditions

  • To establish charitable and development funds for well being of poor people irrespective of caste, creed and race.

Image and Text courtesy of CORR Juteworks