CIAP is an Organization of Peruvian Craftspeople, which is devoted to the production and export of Peruvian handcraft. Ciap's mission is to improve the living and working conditions of Peruvian artisans by marketing and promoting their products through CIAP's export arm of Intercrafts Peru. CIAP is a member of IFAT (International Federation of Alternative Trade). Wishcraft's collection contains select pieces from Tika Rumi's Jewellery range and from Kuyanakuy's arpillera (appliqued scenes) items.


Tika Rumi (meaning stone flower) is a small group of craftspeople working together in Villa el Salvador (south of Lima). With the help and encouragement of a local priest Padre Neptalí, Tomás Paucar set up this Jewellery co-op in 1990. Over time this co-op along with four other groups became CIAP.  At the moment, the Tika Rumi has 9 artisan members working  with silver, semiprecious stone, ceramics, bamboo and other materials. The orders are distributed fairly at regular meetings of the group.  As well as being a source of income Tika Rumi  provides much needed support for its artisan members.  It has a small fund which gives loans to its members in times of trouble like illness or accident.  

Canvas Backpacks and Arpillera

Kuyanakuy is a women's co-op formed in the Eighties of women mostly from the rural area of Ayacucho who were terribly effected by years of violence.  There are now 45 women in the co-operative, 38 are currently active, all work with hessian. They work from homewith the assistance of all the family. A group of 10 ususally examine the work produced and control quality and at the same time make the completions. The women work collaboratively, distributing work fairly and in accordance with each person's abilities.  As well as being a source of income the group provides much needed support for one another.