Chitralaya Trust - India

Chitralaya Trust was established in 1986 by a French social worker, Mr. Marc Bonned, to provide training and employment opportunities to the poor and disadvantaged living in Pondichery, Southern India. Chitralaya Trust currently provides regular work for nine disadvantaged women and one man with an intellectual disability.

The trust first provides training to those seeking work. During the training period an allowance is paid. As soon as the trainee has acquired the quality of skill needed to meet export standards they are placed on a monthly salary.   

Mr. R. Panneer Selvam, who has been managing the trust since 1986, is an experienced artist and teacher. He designs many of the beautiful batiks himself.  He finds inspiration using motifs from old Indian historical and artistic temples and shrines.

Chitralaya Trust is a member of IFFAD (International Foundation for Fair Trade and Development) in India. IFFAD is a member of WFTO (formerly IFAT).

text and image courtesy of Chitralaya Trust