About ethical and fair trade

Ethical trade and Fairtrade have distinct origins, but their approaches are complementary: both focus on helping make international trade work better for poor and otherwise disadvantaged people.


The following are the 10 Principles of Fair Trade as set out by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO)

  • Creating Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers

  • Transparency and Accountability

  • Fair Trading Practices

  • Payment of a Fair Price

  • Ensuring no Child Labor and Forced Labor

  • Commitment to Non Discrimination, Gender Equity and Women’s Economic Empowerment and Freedom of Association

  • Ensuring Good Working Conditions

  • Providing Capacity Building

  • Promoting Fair Trade

  • Respect for the Environment

The Ethical Trading Initiative outlines their definition of ethical and fair work practises in their Base Code - download a copy here. You'll find more information on their website here.

Wishcraft buys from fair trade accredited artisan groups and also groups not accredited with WFTO or FTF. We choose groups and coops that observe fair trade and ethical practises e.g. BAFTS and others. You can read all about the artisans who produce our handcraft here.