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Wishcraft is a family run business started in 2006 in Queensland. We are now based in Adelaide, South Australia. Wishcraft is essentially an online shop but we often popup at Craft Fairs and exhibitions. Catch up with all our latest news on our Facebook page.

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Wishcraft is your source of beautiful and unique gifts, ethically sourced through co-ops, organisations and artisan groups that embrace fair trade and ethical working practises. Each bag, wall hanging, piece of jewellery, quilt - whatever you choose - has been handcrafted by artisan groups and women's cooperatives from all over the world including Nepal, Bangladesh, Guatemala, Chile, Peru, Vietnam, India and The Philippines. 

Making the conscious choice to buy ethically sourced handcraft ensures the artisan receives a fair wage for their efforts, works in decent working conditions and isn't exploited. Your choice dignifies craftspeople's hard work and skill, helps to provide a reliable source of income and to preserve traditional skills. For more detailed information of the craftsmen and women who create our ethical Handcrafted Collections please visit our Artisans page.




0468 430 033

PO Box 1060, North Haven, SA 5018